Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realised... that we really didn't take MUCH photos of CNY - cause the photos were not really festive plus we didn't wear RED RED too haha!!

But wells, it was a tiring day for us - other than losing money, we also were losing our sanity trying to keep Travis in Check.

Some photos to Share.

Here's some from my big uncle's place... The car was a handmedown from his colleague. As u can see, most picts from the playground and that only means we brought him out to tame him ! heh!The rest of the photos were taken at bedok reservoir, again, we had to bring him out for a walk cause he was just too noisy at home.. hehe! Love the east. Great place to live and play and FEAST!

And here's the monster with each of us.
Alright! That's all for now! :) I love Travis. But he gets on my nerves sometimes. Hope he walks sooooon!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All About Oranges

okies many photos AHEAD! BEware! And I'm really lazy to update during CNY hols. hehe Busy okay - not making money but Losing money!

Travis's 3rd lesson at playdays: Oranges.

First they had outdoor play!
Ashlyn is my fav girl ever. Look at her eyes!
Travis's super blurrr look cause he just GOT up from his nap in the car... so need some time to warm up.
Then back to class for lesson time on ORANGES! Look at JAvier and Travis paying REAL attention, as if they really know what's going on.. ahaha or maybe they really do.

Time to go snatching tangerines and peeling and tasting them!
Of course, what is a lesson without dirty play.. hehe Javier's getting really good at going round molesting OTHERS!! Chloe and Travis - his victims.
Finally - snack time and sing song time again!! ehhe See that Ashlyn and Travis going all the way forward..Okies Next post - CNY.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Playground :)

Just realised I forgot to post up his photos taken at the playground! :) This was a after the playdays lesson - the first lesson... where we headed home cause the dirtyness couldn't bring us anywhere else!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The second playdays lesson...

Opps, I just realised. haha No updates in a week! Well, u can expect this loh, cause school has started and not much time at home to take his pictures! :)

Here's some photos to share for Travis's second lesson at playdays. Seems like this will be a weekly update ehs? HA! He didn't seem to enjoy himself as much as the last lesson but it's probably - well I HOPE IT IS, due to the fact that he just got up from his nap in the car and not fully AWAKE to enjoy the lesson.

Nevertheless, the fruit that they learnt last week was WATERMELON! and he loooves the watermelon juice. heheI love it too! too bad it's a nono for me right now. :)


And here's a Video on the art activity that they did:

And after the art activity and after washing up, here's Travis and Javier in a FIGHT! well, they are gentle boys la. so no fight. heh but so funny to hear them shout at each other! Javier, u need to be a little more fierce la... and I just realised you are copying Travis by CRAWLING! hha!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Travis's First Lesson at Playdays.

Why didn't you come Javier? haha Look at all the fun you missed out! :)

Here's some photos to share with everyone, Too many to load them in one by one.

The class was extremely fun. It started off with just some free play, then introduction to some songs and music, then Stripping down naked (nappy still on though) for some art and craft, and then rest (feasting) and finallly more song and play, till it ended off with some bubbles playing.

Travis enjoyed himself. Only cried when was cleaning up time and towards the end a little cranky.. I guess he's tired. :)

Video on The singsong session

hehe can't wait till next wk!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Trishelle.

Here she is. At 31 weeks.
Her face is really Square. All Jeff's fault. Hope things change when she's out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Travis's Breakfast...

HE is sure getting tired of having cereals everyday for breakfast. I do vary the tastes and flavours okay, heinz, nestle.... but despite rotating, I can see he's getting quite tired of eating the same foods. So, we decided to give him some specials....

Here's what he had for breakfast for yesterday and today.

2 slices of pancakes with a little butter

Egg with one cube of cheese....
In other news, Travis could take about 2 to 3 unassisted steps today! and yesterday.. but well, progress is slow as he prefers crawling.. very much.

Monday, January 5, 2009


IT was a 'rainy' day for Travis yesterday. After last sunday's failed attempt at his haircut at suntec city, we made another try - this time - at vivo city. It started off okay. ahaha, cause we didn't make him wear the 'cape' and he was kept busy *if 5mins was good enough* with the toys there. Haha. BUT!!! the turn of events came when the hairdresser took out the 'shaver' hahah, there, he cried buckets and buckets, but i must say the hairdresser was very - STEADY. She just continued, whilst trying to distract him here and there. :)

We went back to my mom's place for him to have lunch and a bath, and then, a little shopping for toys at CSC. That monster seemed to have forgotten his 'ordeal'. There. The results after a haircut! He loooves the peekaboo game LOADS!! haha. He can just play it with us anywhere. :) ANytime. US - Jeff, Travis and Me of course. Look so fat. sigh. can't wait to download little Trishelle so I can work on slimming down!
That's my sister, Vic and Travis!
After that, The monster was really tired and we decided to head home. Since CSC was so near our home, we couldn't resist driving by to have a look. It is ALMOST READY! We can't wait to see it's final Look!That's all! Yups. School is going to start next wk and there won't be as frequent updates! heh!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy day.

It was a busy busy day for us today. Wanted to go to the zoo but Javier's still under the weather.. (not blaming you Javier.. ), so jeff decided not to go on our own since Travis is 'unwalkable' so won't have fun if we go alone. Sighs, I was really Looking fwd to a zoo trip. Nonetheless, our day was equally packed filled with activity, just loitering around our zone - Jurong Point.

Ever since it expanded, we never had enough of that place. Whether is it the NTUC cars, or the food (restaurants) or shopping, every trip, we felt, wasn't really that fulfilling. Today was no exception. We started the day with breakfast (OF COURSE!), but we headed off to JPoint for burger king's breakfast - left disappointed cause they don't serve breakfast there! So we settled for Swensen's, which is a pretty good choice after all - quite afforable - less than 10dollars a person. Pretty okay eh?

Look at the funny faces of Travis when breakfast-ing. :)
1) Greedy Look.2) When he took his first taste of food - it was just PANCAKE.

3) And he quickly opened his mouth for MORE.
4) Whilst eating, his sharp eye caught a glimpse of our drink...

5) And here's the look when he cannot have what he wanted. haha, it was pretty fun - the breakfast experience. After that, Jeff decided to hold him by the hand to try walking...

We are very much surprised, at how many steps he could actually take. Perhaps he could walk realllly soon! tomorrow? perhaps. ahaha! Then we went to NTUC for his car ride and some grocery shopping. And then home - for a quick 30min nap and lunch - mee sua with minced meat.

After lunch, we decided that - hey, not enough of Jurong Point yet! so we decided to head back there and so nice, Joey convinced Ben to come to Jurong Point to join us for dinner despite knowing it'd be VERY crowded. But that family sure know how to take their time. First - Mother go rebonding. Then she said, she's done and can leave once she's home to take a bath. Third, she told me - Ben cutting Javier's hair - OMG. Okay we waited..... Patience. and finally - say they feeding JAvier milk - WA!! haha. but they finally came and we settled for Bakerzinn! :)

Whilst waiting, we decided to bring Travis to the library. IT was his first trip there and he really ENJOYED it. We're definitely going to bring him there more often. But, Monster being Monstrous, look at what he did.. after being nice to read books for just 5mins.
Haha, he climbed on the chair and started pointing and gibbering rubbish. Needless to say, after that, he was crawling all over! Such a tough time cleaning his 'paws'. Muahaha.

That's all. So tiring. After dinner, shop, he totally zonked out. Till next post!