Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photos by Vic. Family, Travis @ 21months, Trishelle @ 5months.

Thanks vic. Love the photos SO much!
Trishelle at 5 months.

Travis @21 Months.

Some family shots... got more.. but too lazy to load liao. TIRING man. haha!

My Princess.

Loving her more and more as each day passes. She's soooo CUTE!!! :)
Take a look and you will see what I mean. DOn't fall too much in love with her ha!

OKIES!! THat's all for now. LAST post, will be on photos that Vic has helped us to take. :)

Will be the same outfit cause the photos were taken later on at mom's place! haha!

Racial Harmony day. 21st July.

Celebrated Racial harmony day in school. :) First time for Travis! Unfortunately, we had no time to go buy him a cultural wear. haha :)
Enjoying himself in school. Photos courtesy of Teachers. Could you tell how much he's enjoying? Jeff and I are kind of relieved that it's money well spent!
Okay. All for Travis now. Next up, Trishelle. :)

Newsletter from eton

This is part of the second newsletter from eton that I've received. Can you spot travis? hehe.Both JEff and I agreed that he has really grown up from attending school. He is definitely more independent and he has grown so much CUTER! haha! *Thick skin hor*

Yesterday I witnessed for myself that he can actually FEED himself. Okay, it's a big milestone achieved cause at home, when we feed him, it's either he spits out all the food OR, he will put his hand into the food and play with it whenever we're not looking. It's a total mess. Thus I was surprised when I see him able to take the spoon and feed himself without dripping or dropping anything on the floor. It must have been the training in school. SO happy to see him learning and growing up positively each day.

After attending school, he's become very smiley whenever he comes home. haha. Below, are just some photos of his nighttime ritual. Watch barney, play toys, fall asleep.

How fast do they grow.

Rain Rain go away...

Weather was the theme they are learning at eton last week. We had to get Travis this set of raincoat and wellies the last minute and they cost a BOMB!! THanks to my cousin who told me that we can get the raincoat and wellies from Tangs.

Lesson learnt:: next time prepare all in advance! haha! Am so going to get larger sizes standby first.

Finally!! can post!! Travis and Trishelle together.

Don't know what is wrong with the blogger at home ley! cannot post pictures! so much posts to update!!! so going to be quite a number of updates!

Haha, as can be seen from to 2picts above, trishelle is quite terrorised by Travis. But he loves her. However, he does still try to hit (knock on her head) at times when we are not looking!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Being sick is what travis has been for the past wkend and for a few days now. That's the draw back of going to school. I look forward to the day he grows used to the environment!

Friday, July 10, 2009


When i signed Travis up for school, I wondered if it was too early. I wondered if he would be 'very poor thing' as described by mom and MIL. I wondered if he will be able to sleep well. I wondered if he will be able to eat well. I wondered if he would cry. I wondered if he would be bullied. Never ending wonders. OR should i say WORRIES. Now, I truly understand why parents will never stop worrying for their children the moment they are born. Small to big, worry this worry that.

Anyways, some updates of Travis at school. He has been coping Very Very well. He no longer Cries badly when we leave him at school, just whine a little here and there. His form teacher says he is very participative at outdoor play and is very happy at music and song time (he will dance and even march around the room with the others). He is also willing to eat at the same table with other kids now. I am so happy to hear how school has changed him. Jeff will drop him every morning, and try to wait till his fav teacher comes before he leaves. we noticed that he doesn't really like (haven't get used to her yet i guess) the morning shift teacher, so he will tend to cry when she carries him and separates him from Jeff. I guess that is normal. Afterall, she teaches the K1 and K2s and travis doesn't see her much except in the mornings. I look forward to the day he accepts her.

Received Eton's newsletter update today and I am so glad to see travis's photos and how he has been enjoying himself! These days, when I go pick him up, he is always smiling and waves bye to teachers. HE has also learnt to say more words now, as his teacher points out that they will encourage them to talk rather than point and make noises.

Here's some of his picts, that i've cut out from the newsletter. I am so going to look forward to their newsletter, which is a bi weekly thing. haha. At least i know what travis has been doing.

That is his photo that is outside his room door. haha. ugly hor.

Here is one that shows one of the activities, they make their own snack using pretzel sticks (teachers will teach them some counting) and using orange mamalade (teachers will teach them colours) on the butter roll (teachers will teach them shape - circle) and then they will eat and enjoy. How fun it must have been for him.

Monday, July 6, 2009

late post

Went to Javier's place at SK. GOt lost again! haha but luckily our memory still serve us well. GPS is really - undependable.

Javier and Travis's Adventures - Javier's home.

Went for kite and aeroplane flying.. as u can see. haha Travis is scared of walking in the grass!!

Travis and Trishelle

Random post of photos. Too busy haha. Photos been sitting in my memory card! well, youth day holiday today so i shall not be lazy.
And here's some of my little princess.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Updates of the Monster at CC - words only post

Dear all, if you are wondering how Travis is coping at cc, here's some updates.

Day 1 and Day 2 - Daddy accompany him (cause i have to work ma! school start liao... *STRESS*)
Day 1 - 29june
Reached around 8am, was willing to come down, run, play with puzzles etc. Then when it's time to go into classroom - cry - expected cause he HATES to be confined to a room. Was ok during bath time and slept at 10am - teachers pat him to zzz. Up at 11 plus am, refuse to have lunch, still crying so teachers asked jeff to bring him home.

Day2 - 30june
Same morning ritual of crying in the morning till around 10plus then he zzzz. Up at 11 plus am, was willing to actually try some lunch but sill depended on milk. So he finished up all the 3 servings of milk, 3 cubes of cheese. This time we packed along his rocket toy in his bag so he was fine just having it in his hand. His teachers told me that when other kids want to touch that toy he got ANGRY. haha!! Still quite whiny.

After 2 days - wants to be carried A LOT and doesn't really want to come down. Bath time is okay.

Day 3 - 1July
Morning - same same. Teachers told me that he is very attached to one teacher who is present only in the mornings till 115pm. So travis sticks to her a lot and cries when she is out of his sight. Oh dear, i hope she doesn't look like me! It's much better today cause he is willing to sit on the chair to eat his food. Also, he managed to zzz at the same time as the other kids at 1215pm. Waterplay on wed, teachers said initially refused to join, so thry brought toys closer to him and lured him to play. Finally he played! after water play and bath - cry again (11something - recall last 2 days he slept ard 10am plus). So teachers figured he wanted to zzz, and they tried to push back his zzz time by distracting him with other stuffs. Success. Today when he cried for attention - not actually cry but whine (super irritating noises), the teachers ignored him and it worked. He stopped whining and sat down and played other stuffs. So they told me they will use this approach as they realsed the moer they gave in to him, the more he wants to be carried and unwilling to join the group.

Well, definitely much better today. I hope he keeps up his good work!