Monday, August 31, 2009

Trishelle's first food..


We have only wanted to start her on solids next week but these days, she's been doing the mouthing action A LOT A LOT A LOT especially when she sees us eating!

Hence, we're decided to start her on today, and she loves it! :)

YUmmy ffooooddd.
Sitting like a QUEEN --- WHere's my foood?hehhe that's all! will try to take better photos!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Newsletter time.. Travis - RAINBOW

so that's what they've been learning. No wonder he comes back knowing how to say rainbow when it's showing rainbow on BARNEY. No, should correct myself. He only knows how to say BOW hahaha!! :)

These days he's been refusing to go home when I pick him up! run here and there, hide and seek.I guess he must have had so much fun la!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trishelle at Bath time.

I feel so guilty. Travis had LOADS of bathtime shots. Now, trishelle... ummm. THis is the first time i've taken photos of her enjoying her bath at 5.5months. Feel so ashamed and terrible. haha!! One thing is really --> no chance to take lah! HAve to keep the monster away and entertained when she is bathing, else he'll come and insist he have his bath too!

And see what i mean? the monster comes and intrude.. so we had to stop taking photos of trishelle and focus on him instead.. so he'll get distracted posing and not disturb trishelle!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Uniform

TIME FLIES!!! He's a big boy now.. especially in school uniform! soon he'll be wearing the primary school one? OMG. can't believe how fast we AGE.

Travis has really grown so much. Sighsss.

Dressed him in school U, which is not required, but requested by school as they are doing class phototaking.

Wonder how they did it with so many hyper kids. haha! Looking fwd to see the class photos!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Updates from schoooool.

Remember the Raincoat and boooots? Wonder how it has been put to use in school? Look at the photos below.

Updates from school, newsletter! Always looking forward to receiving newsletters as it really tells me how travis has been benefitting and learning from school. hahaha.

IT's all about the weather! Can you spot Travis? Hint: the one in blue.. haha watching Ms Wahila labelling the containers to collect the rainwater.
Travis's Favourite Teacher: Ms lay cheng

Though I couldn't see his face, I can imagine it. HE must be shouting in happiness.

Haha, I love this shot of him.
Lastly, National day. could you spot which is travis? He loves the flag he brought home from school, SO MUCH!
Till the next newsletter! :)

Times when Travis is friendly..

and loving towards Trishelle. However, these days he's been having this bad habit of hitting trishelle on her head, ESPECIALLY when we are not looking! Wonder where he learnt it from. Hahah school?

:) he will ask to hug her and kiss her.
Some sibling chat early in the morning. :)