Monday, April 28, 2008

More of travis today!

ehehe... can't get enough of him ? Here's moreee to satisfy your undying love for him. He's getting really naughty and playful.
Every min with him is 60seconds full of action. No rest, no stop, no nothing. It's really satisfying to hear him laugh. You forget your tiredness from work when his face lights up upon seeing you.

Acting coooool eh!! BUt i don't have to act - says travis...

SALIVA ALERT!!! can you see it dripppping by the side? hahas!

Trying to be serious here..
And deep in thought. Wonder what he's thinking.. haah!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

long timeeeee!

It's been so llonnngg! Work has kept us away from updating this blog! well, i know this is no excuse butttt, it's nothing but the truth. Nevertheless, photos of travis are still taken!! hehe.

Travis has learned how to flip back after flipping on his tummy and he's getting better at doing it. in a matter of seconds, he can flip from one end of the bed to another! haha! dangerous dangerous. Getting more and more mischievious by the day, i must say.

Without further ado, here's some updated photos of the king!

Trying to be handsome... heheh

and talking to his pooooh puppet!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Life still goes onnnn

Well, so this is life! I have gottten back to work after 5 months of resting! yes, it's been that FAST and that LONG. Work hasn't been easy, loads to do and clear but life still goes on. Well, not much time for photos these days. Today I came back early, wanted to snap some picts but AH! battery's dead. hahaha! So enjoy these few shots!!

The monster is sleeping right now, but he's gg to wake up sooooon!

So, since yesterday, he's been munching on his little toes rather than his fingers. hahaa!!

and finalllly, TGIF!!