Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Newsletter: all about trains.

Trains was their main learning topic for the past week. We have contributed a thomas train set for their learning in school, wonder if it was used in the end. hah!

Travis must have enjoyed the last activity!! No wonder he loves to get our HL milk box after we've finished drinking. ahha!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Updates on Trishelle

Trishelle is already 7months. How time flies. She has started on solids already, once a day, cereal, next week, it will be 2 times a day. Following month then intro porridge. :) hehe.

She loves snacking too! Don't know inherit from me or Jeff, but her brother doesn't have the sAME liking for tidbits/biscuits/rusks as she has.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NEwsletter time.

My favourite time, Newsletter! Can you spot travis? :)

That little boy in red above is Alastair. I believe him and travis will become good friends cause he's always the one I see, left over from their class when I bring travis home!
It's a chore bringing him home now. RUNS away from me, hide and seek, play catching, telling me this and that *nonsensical, uncomprehensible language* just doing all he can to not go home. THIS BOY!

Monday, September 7, 2009

nighttime sharing...

This is the time where travis and trishelle get together most.. cause they're both just playing and fooling around on the bed, exhausting their last bit of energy so that they would both zzz quite nicely later on. :)
Guess what happened after this shot....
haha travis snatched it back!! and here's what trishelle did...
Share ley... comeon..

EEE!! shareee!!

Travis has been recollecting his memory these days. we dug out many of his old toys for tris and guess what, what he previously didn't give a damn for, he wants it like treasure now! ahah!!

lunch out on 1sept...

It was meant to be a polliwogs trip for travis with the other nov kids. BUt guess what, jeff took leave! haha so we went out, settling some admin --> collection of trishelle's passport which was WAYYYY overdue. haha :)

then lunch at coffeebean taka!! Travis was sooo excited! at the height cause of the spot he was sitting. haha!

I have been looking fwd to polliwogs but guess have to bring him another day, with javier! :)