Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It has been some time since I updated here! not that nothing's happening. Much has been happening but no time to update and difficult to take photos! ehhe!!
Ever since he cried at mygym during elysia's bday party, I've decided.. and convinced jeff we need to expose the monster more!! He's a terror at home but out there, he's a meek boy. hehe! We brought him to kindermusik trial over the wkend with Javier, bah, CRY again. Javier was soo enjoying himself! grrrr.

Other news, travis still doesn't know how to walk yet and he's turning 1 in 1months' time! think he won't be able to know how to walk by the time he's one! But one or 2 things he knows very well is to wave byebye and clap his hands. hahah. And he can call me ma-ma! and when he sees food, he says mum-mum. Sometimes you wonder if the 2 are the same. Weeelll, haha. Think positive.

Here's more photos!! Not very good ha, but better than none.

Travis and his fav ball. He loves to throw it! well, actually, he loves to throw EVERYTHING. the worst thing is, he likes to throw them under sometihng, under his playpen, under the sofa, under the table, then act pitiful when he can't reach them. Infuriating! When u get it for him, he throws again!! Haha!!

This is still one of most FAV toys we got from my aunt's place. IT has spinning wheels and a moving train. His fav hobby in the past was stare at it.Now his fav hobby is try to dig the train out!

Haha and lastly, another new hobby for him, climbing to the TV and standing there. He just loves to do it. I wonder why he doesn't move left and right!!