Friday, May 29, 2009

Trishelle loves her new rattle toy.

I loooove her!

Love her innocence, her smiles, her coos, her laughter, her little fingers and toes, her actions, her sleeping look, EVERYTHING. My precious.

She actually talks to the lamb rattle toy okay.

Well, Travis is also my precious. He is in another way. haha.

A morning at ECP...

Last sunday. We went to ECP with Javier and family. Of course, Trishelle was included too, even though she doesn't know anything yet.. muahahaha. Loads of photos, so i shall let the picts speak for themselves.

That is all folks! 3 posts altogether! WOAH!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready for School? - Travis

It's Confirmed. Travis will be going to school starting June 29th. We've confirmed him a place in Eton *vanda rd* - bukit timah area... And his first day of school will also be MY first day of school in my new school. Well, i hope i didn't make a wrong decision to ask for a transfer. Definitely will miss all my TJ friendsssss!! The distance to travel is just unbearable. Sighs. BUt on a positive note, i can pick Travis up after school *provided I get to go home early* - i doubt...

Is he ready? i think so? He is really bored at home, to the extent that he is playing with things he is not supposed to and incurring our wrath very often. I wonder how he will cope in CC. I hope he won't create a din and ease into the place easily. The last few times we brought him there, he totally forgot about us and even waved us goodbye. Hope things remain the same when is time for him to attend school.

Sibling time.

I think Travis loves Trishelle. HE shows it openly. He will kiss her whenever he sees her lying alone on the bed or in the rocker. HE NEVER KISSES any of us, grandma, grandpa, even me or Jeff. He will want to lift her up to carry her, of course, he can't so he will make the 'eee eee eee' sound as if he is using all his strength but cannot lift her up. Haha so funny. He talks to her in his own gibberish language. Trishelle does seem to understand as she always looks at her brother so intently. Her eyes tend to follow travis around when he is in her zone of vision. HEHE! I hope next time he'll be the big brother protecting his little sister.

Here's Tris enjoying lying on Travis's tummy. hhee.

Travis enjoys it too! he smiles..
There, communication.
Bonus picture of Trishelle, I just thought it was so funny! She's really cute. Much cuter than travis when he was a baby. It's just her hair that spoils it all haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trishelle starts to play.

Trishelle is a typical baby. Why do I say this? haha Travis is an atypical baby! He doesn't enjoy the toys we bought for him when he was a baby. Trishelle on the otherhand, LOVES them! She has started to really enjoy the toys when we show her and will talk to them.

Here she is enjoying the playskool gym. Travis didn't used to like it and cries when he hears the music!

Missing the little monster? Here he is and his new hairstyle. Don't ask haha of course, CRY BUCKETS again. Really won us loads of weird stares. Others must be wondering why we are torturing him.
And here he is, with his little sis. Too bad, the photo is dark, it's evening, Trishelle is getting ready for bath and Travis surprised me by bending forward to Kisss her!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Am I cuteeee? - asks Trishelle

The cute faces of my little angel. She's soo cute. ok hahaa i must be so thickskinned. tell me if you think otherwise.

On daddy's tumtum. PArdon that monster travis in the background. he's so naughty. NEver fails to snatch with Trishelle to make hers, his. He's lying on her bouncer drinking his milk, haha. Terrible boy.

Here, he refused to take a photo with his sis haha but i managed to snap tris smiling!
wet look. haha after bath.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trishelle's thoughts..

I wonder, if these are also her thoughts?

What la.. I'm lazy to lift my head.. I just want to be carried.. are you carrying me right after this?
I know what you're going to think/say after this photo - AIYO! BOTAK!

But i still look cute right.... mummy wonders if the hair will be worse when i start dropping hair... which is coming,SOON!Grrr, I wonder how i will look then. Hmmms.
HAha, Trishelle is getting to be a monster. Wants to be carried all day long, when she is awake. Okay, to carry is still not that bad, but she still demands us to walk around with her in tow! Can you imagine that. Terrible. When Travis cries, she cries and vice versa. It's so tiring to run after the big one, and to carry and walk around with the small one.

In other news, GOSH, the monitor has JUST decided to give way. NO PC for us now. Just when all the sales have ended, it decided to break down. grrr.

Lastly, 2 more photos of Trishelle.

Monday, May 4, 2009

When Babies meet.

No, should correct myself. haha when CUte little babies meet. I went for a march mommies gathering, together with Trishelle. Travis stayed home, of course. Though it was just a few hrs, it was so much fun. Guess having Travis really helped boost my confidence that I could handle a baby outside alone, a baby and a bag. lucky thing is she is still feeding on me, so there really wasn't much barang to carry, just her diapers and wipes.

Food was catered and it was so much fun seeing all the cute babies. There's another bigger gathering coming up, but sigh jeff has said NO because of the swine flu, saying it's safer at home but wells, see if i can convince him to let me go.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

An evening at Marina Barrage.

It was our first time there since it opened. Haha. Don't call us Mountain Turtles, At least we made it there, with 2 kids. Of course, no fun alone, hehe, Javier and Family went with us!!

Really have no time to type more, shall let the pictures speak for themselves. They had so much fun - Travis and Javier. Unfortunately, Travis is truly a scaredy cat. He is so naughty, so wilful, but so scared of water. I don't understand why when he loves bath time so much. on the other hand, Javier had SO much SO much fun! Sighs. And he's such a good boy. At least he's scared when others *like me* scold him (not deliberately hor.)