Saturday, November 24, 2007

He is getting less adorable and more irritable..This little monster

Picture us with black rings around our eyes, sunken cheeks.. Yes that's our current state.

The first present our Travis has given us thus far.

He resfuse to sleep and has been crying all night. I suppose Evil Colic must be the cause of the irritation.

The good old Ryu Yi medical oil has help to the save our evening. a little drop and rub on baby's tummy seems to purge some of the gas out of Travis tummy.
ok I suppose thats enough of complaining. We are still going to post some pics of him.
Yes, he does seem to have a good time making us look like tired fools

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dressing up...

It time for his routine check up at the Clinic. Dressing him out.. It took me a while to fit him into to the leggings.

And when we are done.. He is all too cozy and ready to return to his dreamland..

Many thought of Travis..

Travis makes tonnes of expressions each day and you really wonder what went through his mind..

And here's our take at it.

Ok.. Is that camera again... Just 1 take ok?

Hey.. I said just 1 take. Now put that camera thingy away...

Stop making those stupid noises. I won't smile for you.. I said 1 take.. Go on.. Point your camera at me. I won't smile another.. Now Give me my milk.

Yeah!! New bedsheet.

And oops.. Travis has already put his signature on it.. Regurgitated milk. Now no one can claim owner to it but him.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Its so hard too make you smile.

Its such rare moment to catch him smiling even if he does, the cameral is often out of reach...
We managed to capture a few..quality is not as good as we have desire but still. thats what we have for now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

He Opened his eyes..for the first time.

More pics and video shortly....

After months of waiting, 38 weeks in the making

Pacing up and down outside the operating theatre. The theatre attendence told me it would only take 15mins for you get to see you baby.

Its already 20mins and counting. 5min pass the expected time and no sign of anything yet.

My heart rate has reach new heights. The anxiety up a new level....
25min and counting ... soon it was 30 min.. What the hell was going on in here...

Calm down.. calm down I told myself. It helps but I cant help but worry.. I mean who wouldn't?

Peeping thru the glass door.. Someone was walking towards the me behind the glass door. I am holding my breath. What is the person gonna say to me. I ran throught all the negative phrases in my head to prepare myself for the worst..

Hopefully, none was used. And I all I could was smile..from ear to ear..

I am a father.. I have a son.. And his name is TRAVIS..

After 10 long months. Travis is about to deliver.

Cindy has had a pretty fine pregnancy, but the last trimester was full of up and down. One roller coaster ride that I will never forget, Cindy has declare never to get on board again. I have to agree with her to pacify her but secretly I hope she will want to have a little sibling for baby Travis to play with. And of course should there be another time I wish the ride would be smoother.

At week 36, Cindy was suffering for maternity related hypertension, Doctor wasn't too happy with what he saw and decided to put Cindy of medication.

Our next visit after gave us more depressing news a CTG scan of baby indicate that baby has gotten less active. My vision almost gray that instant. Cindy under tremendous pressure begin to experience depression as well. Tearing was her next most common activity next to breathing.
No I want exaggerating. I just have no idea why she cried she has admitted that she has no inking too..
Yes its that scary.. haha..

So the doc decided that we should have the baby delivered by C-Sect. And with little deliberation we agreed, Cindy would love to experience natural birth despite the immense pain and danger that comes with it.

So at that point my stream of sleepless night begins.

Making of baby Travis Ten

Sorry to disappoint, you are not gonna see how he was conceived. What we about to see is a visual log of his growth..

Congratulations Mdm... You are gonna be a mother..

What we are seeing here is called the pregnancy sac which will develop into the future water bag, At this point we see a little "Pea" and its flickering .. yes.. thats the heart beat of the baby.Both Cindy and I were elated, she has a new life within her...and me. The prospect of being a father is both exciting and worrying..

I have now one more thing on the list of item to think about and care about. A tender life was born to us. He is about only 7 weeks old but already has a heart that beats on his own.

Week 9.. Travis is forming up haha. Like a little tadpole. Cant really tell much except we were very happy to know that his heart is still beating strong. (you might think we sound silly and overtly anxious, while you wont be if you are expecting..

Week 12, his limps are a little more extended and his head is forming pretty well.

And after 3 long months , week 24 we finally get to see Travis again.. And What do you see? His foot and we can be counting his toes now.. We were close to tears..

And his face.. Cant really tell much, but one thing for sure. I already know he has my nose. Not my best feature... I seriously hope that he will inherit the rest from his mother..

And after so many scans... we still can't tell the baby gender, we look forward to each visit to the Gynae to find out his gender.

I wanted a boy while cindy want a real doll to dress with. This is one time i really don't wish to give in to her..

And the truth is out.. Finally.. What you are about to see is... Er hemm.. Please proceed if you already passed your 18 birthday..

Can't really tell what you are seeing? Well its something you won't find in a baby girl .. hehehe
As usual Cindy is living in denial. And she even ask the Dr. to check again a day before Travis is delivered.