Tuesday, February 24, 2009


By Capsule Machines.

We brought him to Suntec last friday.. and these were taken outside the Nokia care centre. Well, why we had to go there - Don't ask why or how it happened, he was playing with Jeff's phone till we heard a kiak sound and tah dah. 2 of the keypad buttons CAME OFF!! OMG.

One button was still sort of 'stuck' outside his mouth.. with the saliva while the other, jeff managed to dig it out!

Here, he's testing see if he can get anything from the machines...
And when someone came along, he quickly hurried over to 'see' what they got!
This is the second last post before i go download on Thurs! :)

This was not last wk's lesson, but the lesson on Vday, so u can imagine how outdated again these pictures are. haha. Here, everyone is looking for Pumpkin.. HAHAHA! Travis found onion!

Pumpkin colouring!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeff's Bday Celebration..

Such A coincidence. Travis shares the same bday month as me = November and now Trishelle will also share the same bday month as Jeff = February. Well well, super outdated pictures. hehe :)

Happy Bday Jeff!! Getting the yummy cake.... READY.. hehe.

Travis wants to help but more of a hindrance.. so my mom got him a pokemon ball from Mcdonalds happy meal...
Finally! He gets a piece, or a TASTE of the chocolate, as well as the chocolate cake! Super Rich.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Playdays lesson - Grapes...

And though Grapes come in 2 colours - personally, I prefer the purple ones... but Travis loooves GREEN grapes, well at least, he painted the grapes GREEN.

Here, the teachers are introducing Grapes to them, and they did it by mixing grapes into plain yogurt! Oh my... Look how interested the kids are.. HAHAA i wonder if it's the grapes - or yogurt..
Time for a Taste Test!
And then the painting Activity!! hehe See, green and purple paint available.. but Travis only chose to play with Green. I think Green is truly his fav colour.
All cleaned up and ready for last activity, playing with musical Instruments..

That's all FOLKS! for GRAPES.

Random Updates

I haven't updated Travis's blog in SO LONG. *guilty* But well, you can guess. I am already on leave and totally LEFT WITH ZERO me time. I used to be able to update his blog in school but now.. haha Nooo Time!

Just some random updates:
1) Travis learnt to walk when he was exactly 15Months old, on the 3rd Feb 2009.
2) We celebrated Jeff's bday over the wkend of 7th and 8th Feb with my parents and Parentsinlaw.
3) We've also confirmed the date for Trishelle's arrival:: 26th Feb thurs.
4) We are still not sure if Trishelle will be the final name.... haha!
5) We bought him the little tikes fire engine Car cause JP's Toyrus was having a CLEAROUT SALE! 50% off All items! Jeff had a hard time cleaning it CLEAN.
6) We also got him a present that we are going to say it's from his little sister.. but still not sure when to present it to him - hosp? or when we're gg home?

The rest of the blog posts will be some photos....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

B is for Banana...

Bananas... Was what Travis learnt on sat - his .. umm.... 4th playdays lesson! How time flies. The 2 of them just GOT UP from the car nap. :)

Javier already warmed up and enjoying...
Travis still looking gonggong just sitting there alone..
Didn't manage to take photos of the painting activity as it was actually QUITE fast!! :) So here he is, feasting and all dressed and ready for Water play.
Here's Garreth boy all recovered. But he lost some baby fat. Get them back soon G! :)
Then - - - - WAter play! I'm ashamed to say Travis is afraid of WATER!! look at the other kids playing happily, sitting inside. It was tough trying to get him to stay inside! He refused to sit down, so have to play standing up. Anyway, he stands up while bathing these days too!
Alrighty! That's all folks! In other news - Congrats to G who can walk more steadily now... Travis is probably - i think he is, the last one in class who still doesn't know how to walk? but he loves to hold our hands to bring him wherever he wants to go - on his feet. So i guess, it might really be SOOON, he will be confident enough to let go and explore on his own.

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

We Went to the ZOO. With Javier and family on Friday.

Here's some wonderful pictures. Managed to get leave to take care of him as MIL went to pray and Javier's parents decided to take leave too, so we headed for the ZOO! - planned this sometime in dec but Javier was SICK! so postphoned till NOW.

At the entrance
HE looks like his dad doesn't he? so sad ... haha. JAvier's playing Peekaboo.. haha So cute.

Travi s Looooves the fishes MOST.
And finally WATER PLAY!!!
Finally, time to go. Jeff's all wet! haha!