Monday, June 23, 2008

THE mAxi Cosi...

CAR SEAT. yea. IT finally arrived! hahaa. well actually it came last week and we took these photos last week but tooo LAZY to post so only posting them now... heheehe!

So is the maxi cosi really MAXI COSY? haha let travis tell you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


OppS! i just realised it's been 1 wk since i posted updates to his blog. It's been so fast, school holidays are coming to an end sooo quickly! I can barely remember how it started. haha..

Wells, here's some photos of the littl emonster. he's getting more and more monstrous lately. think we've pampered him tooo much! EAT must WATCH TV, eat must feed fast fast hais. All the different bad patterns emerging.

Look at him.. cautious of everytihng we give to him. YET he TAKES everytihng he can! haha his toothbrush. acts like a teether!

Funny expressions. you just can't bring yourself to scold him!
Acting macho. getting more difficult to carry him! twist turn left right sudden movements!

trying to be funny here. hahaha playing the genius at work! look at his expressions when he finally got his hands on the laptop!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Random photos.

Travis got a new TOy! YES AGAIN. haha new train from Fisherprice. I saw it some time back but didn't know if he would like it so.... hahaa and then we saw it again with travis and decided to buy it for him ! Apparently, he LOVES it!

HE can push it around with his hands, or if we push it, his eyes will follow strictly..

of course, you can expect what happens when he pushes it around himself! hahaha!

In other news... here's the king in his high chair. realised we never got around to posting any, or rather, taking phtoos of him sitting in it. haha.

Travis can sit pretty well unaided now, but not for too long as he still bobbles left right front back. haha here he is, inside his dad's fav toy shop. WAITING for his DAD to finish choosing his toys.. look at his funny expression!

As you can see, he's getting IMPATIENT!!! Look, he And finally, yes making PAYMENT!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

NEw balll!

^^ Finally able to get a ball , a satisfactory ball for TRAVIS! hehee.. though it's a soccer ball but nevermind las. hehehe.
He looves it! it's soft and he's able to grab with his own hands to throw it around. hehehe.