Wednesday, December 31, 2008

swimming again....

Again, yes. But this time it's at a public pool! It took us loads of courage before we decided: okay, let's try! So we pumped his float - which was a waste of effort cause he didn't want to get into the float! and we packed all his stuffs - including his bath stuffs - when we haven't figured how to bath him yet! hehe.

Nevertheless, we SET off! :) Went to the Jurong East swimming complex which was a huge place filled with fun and laughter from children. Not so much for Travis though. Think we need to expose him more cause he was actually afraid of the water! well, not exactly considered afraid - I'd like to think of it as - the water is tooo cold. heh!

He had 2 rounds with Jeff. First round, rest, daddy had his swim, second round, bath with daddy before daddy went for his final round. :) Here, you can see he's had enough. HAHAHA!
So he took his bath, and here's some more photos while we wait for Jeff to finish his last swim round and his bath.

Standing Tall !

Travis managed to stand very much longer than he usually could yesterday! Well, that was when he kept bugging me to play his thomas bubble machine for him and hahha, I was glad I did. :)Can you tell how happy he was? Just waiting for bubbles to appear and flapping his arms in the air. haha! :) I hope he'll walk soon! He's already going to be 14months this saturday!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Travis in 2008

The Year is ending. :) Wonder how he has changed? Hehe, take a look for yourself.

Thank you Stephanie for giving me this idea!Very small eh, but no worries, can see bigger if you click on the photo!!

So tired. He only slept from 11 to 1pm today. I almost died liao!

Monday, December 29, 2008

One more post... for today..

Before the photos become outdated. muahahhaa. Brought him to the new Jurong Point for Lunch yesterday! We decided on Bakerzinn after a walking past Newyorknewyork, swensens, fig and olive, ding tai feng. hehe. What did the Monster have for lunch? Milk - GAH. Ordered a sandwich and pumpkin soup for him but he was just impossible to Feed cause he was too busy playing with his bowl, spoon and a piece of bread *bread was free-flow*. So we just let him have his way while I quickly gobble up my foooood and then give him his milk! :)

After that, we went to the new NTUC Xtra annd look!!! FABULOUS find! I'm so going to go there for more after this.. too bad the cars are so limited. Travis's eyes lit up once he saw the cars and kept pointing at them. Good thing he got a go at it!

See and you will know.
He's so busy turning the wheels, left right, waving at ppl who looked at him.

Haha, okies Bye for now! till Next post! :)
Oh yes, Did you realise his front part of the hair got shorter? :( We wanted to bring him for a haircut but he CRIED buckets and that was all the hairdresser managed to snip off before she and Us decided:: Enough! So malu. Everyone was looking at us. Aiyo.

Dinner with Javier...

Well, it was kind of a xmas exchange dinner. 12 days of xmas, so xmas exchange still stands! :) The budget we set for Javier's and Travis's gift was 30bucks. hehe... we bought a wooden toy for Javier and guess what Travis got in return? HEHE starts with a B... well, must be pretty obvious.

Here are some photos taken at the restaurant before the unwrapping present photos..

This is Javier. SO handsome that day. Too bad, i didn't manage to get any shot of him in the vest he was wearing! :)
HEre's Travis, wondering what Javier is doing! :) HE took off his shoes twice that night. Must have been too big a pair...2 family shots... :)Dinner was at shokudo restaurant, in citylink. Food wise, not so bad, ambience, okay, baby-friendly NAH! Still we managed to finish off our foooood, despite the 2 boys making loads of noise. ehehe.

Okies, when we got home, was kind of late already and Travis just Zonked off, so we left the unwrapping of the B present till the next day morning!
Hohoho.. who is inside that big wrapper....BARNEY! :) Thank you for the Present Auntie Joey, Uncle Ben and Friend Javier. - From Travis.

Friday, December 26, 2008

His First Night Out of home sweet home...

Okay not considered first night out haha, if you consider the hospital stay! muahhaha. We went for a one night hotel stay at Pan Pacific Orchard for xmas eve - xmas day. It was extremely fun! for HIM of course! not for us... considering the amount of barang we had to bring just for ONE night. haha.

But it was so worth it, the nightout really made us realise that We CAN bring him abroad. He loves pressing the buttons, switching on and off the lights, tv, opening the cupboard doors, and yes STILL NOT WALKING! my wish of him walking by xmas - BUSTED> well well. Still hoping for New Year ! SUrprise US TRAVIS!

It was raining all day long on xmas eve. And we checked in really late, 3pm, when we could have checked in at 2. JEFF's work again. And after his milk at 4pm, we went Forum, walk a bit then went to Chongqing hotpot for steamboat buffet. AFter dinner, he zonked off for a 30min nap at 730pm, for he was AWAKE since 1230pm! We went wheellock, then isetan, where he got up at 8pm and we headed back to the hotel for little nyonya. Grrr. Around 9pm, he drank his milk, did his stunts, press button, remote controls, climb here and there, flip here and there, before finally deciding to zzz at 10pm! WOO! it is really extremely nice that he could fall asleep on his own even not on OUR bed.

BEfore we continue, and bore you, MERRY XMAS from Travis and us! hehe See he's in the festive mood too ahaha!

Not much picts taken for first day cause we were out most of the time and RAINING! Sian.

The Second day:: Breakfast for Travis

Plain porridge + Scrambled Egg - THIS IS EXTREMELY yummy.
Followed by Yogurt.....
So when i couldn't get him to smile at the camera, the thing to do, is to snatch away the thing - YOGURT..

Look How yummy the yogurt is!Finally, SOME WATER. his bad habit is, to bite on the straw when he doesn't want to drink anymore.. so we always try to snatch the cup away..Headed back to the room for a bath then his nap then time to check out liao. Time flies. Here's the picts after BATH TIME!

Finally, time to go, so CHECK EVERYTHING!
Okies, super long post! enjoy and till next time! Soooon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

2 birthdays...

Yesterday was a special day. Travis helped celebrate 2 person's bday! One was his Uncle Vic - my sis's bf and the other was Reyes, Jeff's friend's little handsome Boy. Reyes is turning 2 tomorrow! 23dec and Uncle vic.. well let's keep his age a secret. hehee..

I realised I didn't take any photos of uncle vic and his cake but hehe many photos of Reyes at his home. As usual, Travis was really antisocial and took some time to warm up before he could play with Reyes and Chloe. Chloe has the exactly one yr older than Reyes.

Here is Travis, directing the 2 what games to play. But aiya, in actual fact, he doesn't know what the other 2 are playing! hahah!

Then he wanted to take the decorative balls from the xmas tree and Chloe wanted to stop him! She's a very active and outspoken little girl. HEHE! keeps saying: Didi stand up! well.
Cake cutting time! Reyes eagerly waiting to cut cake!
Finally... Cake blowing and mom and him distributing cake to guests...
He's always been such a handsome boy! So fair! :) Travis was super zonked out yesterday. Didn't drink his normal milk at 9pm, zzz from 8pm all the way till 7am this morning! WAHAHAHAHAH!!

CANNOT WALK YET. His Javier friend, can walk already. But nevermind, as the saying goes, the later you walk, the better life you'll have. So while we wait patiently.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DOn't HOLD me, Don't HOLD my Tricycle!

Yes, though he can't speak yet, We know what's on his mind. Afterall, ACtion speaks louder than words. Still cannot walk on his own yet, but very ambitiously wanting to push his tricycle all around at home. So we just let him be, hoping this acts as a walker. muahahha. Maybe suddenly he might just decide to let go of the tricycle and walk on his own!

The tricycle moves quite fast on its own, and we're so afraid of him falling flat on his face but he just doesn't want help. When we hold the handle, he pushes our hand away. When we hold the tricycle from the front, he peeks and shouts at us once he sees our hand or leg there hahha.

I can do it! don't help me!Okay, sides look good. Wheels okay!Safety guard also working - no one's sitting inside.. oh I pity his poor little sis when she is out and being pushed around.... OKAY! ready to go!
Travis is an extremely lazy boy, can imagine him to be the quick to success type. Takes huge steps, when pushing the tricycle. When we hold him, his steps are also extremely huge so as to reach nearer to us quickly, and we have to carry him. I so want him to walk, yet fear the thoughts of him walking. Hhaha.

In other news, his flu is getting better today, so didn't give him his medicine *on it for 5days already*, and it turned out he is so AWAKE that he didn't need his morning nap today! Almost died in the morning playing and running after him. His appetite is getting harder to please, no idea what is it that he is looking out for in his meals. Porridge is boring for him, but yet he is too lazy to chew harder foods. Poor us, cracking our brains to make him tastier foods.

That's all for now, while we patiently wait for him to walk confidently and steadily.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

His tricycle.

Finally, these past 2 to 3 days, we could get him to sit in his tricycle. Haha. When we bought it, he refused to get on it, only wants to play with the wheels, pedals and putting his toys in and out of the front and back baskets.

This morning, hehe we decided to put him inside and managed some shots! hehe his pajamas is matching in colour! muahahaha.In other news, YAY! his passport application is APPROVED! hehe my phototaking skills Good EH! hahaha!!