Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Bath TUb for the monster!

OKay. So what do you think of his new bathtub? hahaha! BETTER THAN the old green Mt Alvernia's tub? hahahaaa... :) It's soo cute lah! the blue parts are anti slip. Good for grips! And it's some puku brand. Bigger than the Mount A one for sure. so together in it, his usual buddy friends for bath, the nuk sponge and FP lightup duck. I got some transportation squirters, hope they'll arrive soon! haha..

Again, alll smiles during BATH time... and after bath, down for a walk in the maclaren quest stroller, a handmedown from his cousin Reyes! Need to get him used to sitting in it haha. He's too reliant on the bjorn carrier. HOpefully he'll love this stroller in time to come.

Monday, May 26, 2008

bath time happinessss!

Long time since he was photographed in his bath! hahahaasss..

Here's some!
Today marks the start of SCHOOL holliiidaaays for me! Happiness.

He's conscious of Me taking photos of him! hahah!!! His little bathtime toy is bought for him by his aunty karen - my sister! heeh it's from fisherprice. Lights up in contact with water! i also bought him some bath time squirters. Can't wait to play with him when they arrive, mauhahaha..

Oh, and here he is, in new outfits, bottom by fox baby and top a gift from hubby's friend, from lifebaby. Front deep Vopening-SEXY ahha!
He sure knows how to pose eh! muahahah!

Went out yesterday, loads of sales going on, leapfrog at 20% and vtech also at 20% off! but alas, nothing for him cuase i didn't see anything nice lah! hahaha... maybe wait a while more, afterall, great singapore sale still on! Right now, top on our list is still the CAR SEAT! ahha. Already got our eyes set and fixed on priori XP maxicosi.
On another note, still waiting for the beco carrier that I got peggy to buy from the US for me! hahaha!! hmm, can't remember the print, but it's the pear one! Emma or something! haha wonder if he'll like to be in it cause for now, HE loves the bjorn. HOpe he will love the beco as much as the babybjorn. whenever we strap him in it, he knows it's going out time ! ahha!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

HE did it again!

Ummm. haha Yes travis did it again! for fri and sat nights, he's been taking his last meal and zzzzz till 6am! YAY! I'm so happy let's hope he keeeeps this up! hehe.
His little lonely tooth is getting more obvious now.. it was first spotted 12May 2008. heee.

Photos of the little monster:

He got a new phone from vtech yesterday. gosh. seems like everyweek he brings something home hahahaaa..

and guess what happened in the end?

haha So predictable eh!! hehe. okays that's all for now! or maybe one last one...

playing with the toy we got for him a LONG time back but he didn't like it then and he still don't really like it now hahah but at least his hand knows where to hit! hahah
oh okok, ONE LAST ONE!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Been quite sometime..

since i added stuffs to travis's blog. Well, he's been doing well so far on solids. loove the nestle brownrice especially. CAUSE it's sweet lah i guess. For now he's tried the nestle brown rice stage 1 and stage 2, heinz organic rice cereal as well as some juices. For the records, he HATEs the juice but loooves papaya when we fed him the other day. So maybe we'll try juice again later on. hehe.. As of now, he's still on one solid feed a day at the evening feed. Hoping that he'll eat fuller and hopefully SLEEPPPPP through.

Only 2 nights so far. Yes he's just been able to sleep through for 2 nights and then back to normal of waking up at 2 to 3am but well, at least i can see some progress. so am still quietly hoping. muahahaaaa.

Anyways some photos of little monster.

this was taken today! hahaa pardon him cause it's just tooo hot, so he had to wear something REVEALING. muahahahaaaas.

still cannot sit yetttt. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

first taste of solid today!

When he is 6months and 1 day. SO ... how did it go? I'll let the photos and pictures speak for themselves. ehhee..
Eagerly waiting in his throne....... can u seeee?

Mouth after mouth, spoon after spoon. YUMs.

It must have been so delicious for him.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Travis is 6months old today!

HOW TIME FLIESssss! i don't remember time flewww SO fast when travis was still in the tummy. now with a blink of an eye, he's 6months ALREADY!! omgomgomg. How fast does one age.

Here's some photos of him taken today. still no teeth yet. Just saliva!

Top by babyGap and bottom by FOX! hehe :) BOyboy eh! looove travis.