Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy birthday to....

Not travis. But Elysia. It was Jeff's colleague's bb girl's First birthday! She turned one last sunday on 21 September. She is so pretty, so well behaved, so quiet, Like an angel. She was totally the opposite of the ugly, monstrous, noisy TRAVIS!.

Meet the birthday girl, Elysia. She was sooo well dressed, and Sooo wellbehaved in her pinky pram when her mommy was going around making sure guests were here and all. No, no noise at all when she saw her mommy busying away or when nobody played or talked to her. She just sat there looking around. Sooo sweet. I wish i had a little girl like her.

Elysia invited us to her bday celebration at mygym at the woodlands branch. Here she is, before the party started! Playing with balls...
She could just play on her own! endless fun for her. hehe are you wondering where's monster travis? well here he is!

Don't be fooled by these pictures okay. He was truly enjoying himself, on his own, playing balls.
See how happy he is? ahha taking and throwing and then creeping after the runaway balls. haha...

Here's travis, wondering why Elysia's got so many different coloured balls when he's only got one blue one.
Okay, that's it! No more photos after this cause when the actual party started with instructors and other kids, he CRIEDDDD!!! aiyo, so inconsolable. I have no idea what happened, we tried to calm him, bring him outside but no matter how we tried, how many times we tried to rejoin the play, he just CRIED.

So perhaps we should bring him to play with his peers of his own age more often. ? Maybe it will make him more sociable. haha.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A big day. 20th Sept 2008.

Not for me, not for jeff, not for travis, NOT FOR YOU of course, but for Travis's uncle, Colin. :) It's his big day today, well, maybe not so BIG but it's his ROM today! For privacy purposes, I shall not post any of he and his wife's photos.. haha, definitely lah, what do you expect! This is Travis's BLOG!

So, this is going to be a super picture heavy post with LOADS of the monster's photos. So better rush to toilet or get a drink if you're suppressing any of your desires.
Here he is, Getting dressed... don't drool okay, I know where you're placing your eyes.. muahaha.

Choosing a seat at the venue is hard, says travis. WE need to make sure we get the BEST view. but here, I choose this set and let me do a pose for all of you.

Not good enough? yes, travis thinks it's not good enough too. HAHA. Here's another better shot, better pose, better him!

Oh? you don't think so? ahhh, here's travis with Me and Jeff. BONUS pict ah, don't expect to see us often here.

AFter the ceremony, there was FOOD. Food feeding was disastrous as usual. Oh yes, he stole a green apple from the SPA centre just beside the poolside.. haha.

And DURING the feasting, he tricked us by zzz. So we decided to bring him upstairs to the hotel room to zzzz. BUT the moment we were up there, the SECOND we put him on the bed, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPened..

UP and AWAKE! and ready to pose for more shots...
When the phone rang, he was super excited. DON'T ANSWER MY CALL FOR ME PLEASE!!

And finally, one last shot in the room, was Travis thinking.. WHERE is my LOVE?

Enough of him yet? NO, you say? okay! here's just ONE last one of Travis, AT HOME already. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hair cut for the MONSTER?

So? What do you think? How does the monster look? Less cute? More mature? haha...

Let's just hope he becomes more presentable before his 1yr old birthday. hehe. Still cannot walk yet, just love to grab and stand. But even then, he doesn't try to walk when grabbing onto something.. Maybe he doesn't feel the need and see the need yet, OR he's just plain lazy.

But should we be wishing he learns to walk fast? ahaha.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Travis and Thomas

Bored of his old hairstyle? ahha how's this? Pardon his dad in the background. as u can see, travis just came out from his bath hahaa.. I don't know if he likes Thomas more, or Barney more. But one thing for sure is, we love buying him TOYS! ahhaa

Setting up the tracks is a HEADACHE. hours could be spent just setting up a proper track. but it all paid off when u see him looking at the trains so intently.

So long!

It's been so long since we last posted photos here.. So u can guess how busy we aAALLL are! bahahaha...

Here's some of the more recent ones taken lately, :)
We bought him a swimwear after deliberating for so long! of course, other than testing the size, we also need to practise how to put on and take it off for him at homr first before going down to the REAL thing. hahah!

Here's travis so busy busy busy playing with wheels on the $1 slot machine cars. ahaha. I dont' know waht's the real name of those money suckers.

HE loves barney more!