Thursday, November 27, 2008

My bday at ZHOU's kitchen

LAst sunday, I celebrated my bday at zhou's kitchen. IT was okay food, and it was the first time Travis was celebrating my bday for me! haha lastyr, it was during the miserable confinement. How time flies.

Look at him eyeing my cake!

And biting my finger!! terrible.

looking serious and cutee!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Travis and Thomas.

Why, a coincidence, both starts with T? haha. Travis loves thomas. It was probably us who introduced him and we're so going to regret introducing him to Thomas. his other love, BUBBLES and BARNEY! hehee..

So put Thomas and Bubbles together, HAPPINESS undescribable.
In the beginning. Watching the deboxing of his toy thomas.

Then, checking out if the wheels are working.

FINALLY, the REAL thing!

that's all for this series. Still have another set taken at Forum the shopping mall, but maybe another day then update. heh!

Happiness is... .

Happiness is...

1) watching him enjoy his bath, he loves bath time. Bubbles. The main reason why. The after bath part is NIGHTMARE!! dressing him, powdering him, diapering him up, OMG. you don't want to imagine it. My poor bed has been the target of his PEE because we were just too slow in getting him dressed. Poor dirty bed.

2) Happiness is watching hin play his toys. Love him so. Hate him so.

3) Happiness is... Watching him GET SERIOUS. haha!

Okies, that's all we have of the monster for now. haha.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the last post for today lah!

His birthday!! :) Celebration at mcdonald's kallang. Headache at sourcing for suitable venues as most were taken already! So we had to make do with Mac. But still ok and still very affordable inddeeeedd! :)
Javier was the only friend of his age who was there. HAHA he's awfully CUTE!

So they played together... While the rest. The rest were just family members. played on their own. HAHAH!

The kids were eating his cake! haha! :) Cake ordered from ecreative. 2kg. Just enough for guests. the design is extremely LOVELY.

Well thens, Travis has turned 1. How time flies. Still doesn't know how to walk. Just to cry to get his way. Travis with my sister, my dad and my mom.

And finally, A family Photo. Travis already almost conked out already. So after this, he ZZZ!

Okies, that's all! byes for now!

Oct18th. Javier and Travis went on a swimming date. :) Didn't manage to take any photos of javier cause mostly in videos! heheh.
Should have brought him swimming earlier haha but no available place! I will definitely have trouble dressing him at the public pool!! haha!! imagine how to wear his pampers! So we decided to join javier at his aunt's condo!

So long didn't update..

Well, so u can guess how busy we've been! hehe!!

On Oct12, he went to the mygym trial with Javier! :) We were both late for the 210 Slot, so we had to wait till the 4pm slot. haha...

Some photos, though not so good. hehe Of course, no need to say: he CRY loh! initially HE WAS SO HAPPY playing himself.. as proven below.

But alas, happiness didn't last long, when the actual class started, RAIN fell. grrr. JAvier on the other hand, was having SO MUCH FUN!!

Okies! next post I will update his swimming date with Javier!