Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sitting up.

Trishelle loves to sit up these days. She hates being in the lying mode all the time. haha, well back too hot la i guess. And she will keep wanting to LIFT her head up, so we thought: time to take out that HOT SEAT again! :)

Here she is! Looking so bored hor. ahaha. She's actually watching BARNEY! well, it's hard for her not to be familiar with it since she's been conditioned to 'watch' it in my tummy! Poor Trishelle. What has Travis done to her. well, not for long. When Travis starts cc next mon, no more TV, at least till he comes home, which is good too, cause next month, electricity bills gg to be up by 7%!!!
And if you wonder how Travis looked like - here is the comparison picture. Travis and Trishelle, both taken at 4mths. Travis more fatty hor. look at the leggggs!

Flying ... the aeroplane..

Well, no chance yet BUT... who says we cannot fly a remote controlled one! haha!

Enjoy the pictures. Taken when Jeff took a day's leave on tues. Travis had SO MUCH fun. but he was SO HOT HOT HOT! we need to find a better and more spacious area for flying.

Next one would be... haha KITE flying! I bought Travis a kite because he so wants one and each time he watches barney with that kite flying episode, he will go kite kite kite. hahaaaa and nodding his head profusely indicating that he wants one. So finally, at a cheap cheap price, i got him one! hoho! hoping to try out tmr morning, but we'll see.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A table and A chair.

For the monster. It has been weighing on our minds to get him a table and chair so he could learn to sit, learn, play, eat using it. Due to space constraints (well, ILs say we take up TOO MUCH place) hahaaaaa, so we decided to settle for this one.It works JUST AS WELL. An easel and a table. What more could we ask for! hoho.

An easel:

A table:

Very unfortunately, he still prefers to do everything on the floooorrr!! grrr. And what is worse, he will still use the crayons to colour the walls, posters and all. ahhh.

2more days before monster goes to cc. Wonder what will happen. hoho.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

West coast Mac.

It had been ages since I've been there. I forgot how it looked like! haha same for jeff too. So we grabbed the chance to pop down last tues, the day where travis's goddad collected his new toyota rushhhh. woooo. too bad didn't manage to take any photos of the car. haha. :)

It was a day where travis ate some fries, wasn't the first time he ate but it was that day he ate A LOT! well, i guess it's ok to indulge him once in a while la hor?

My handsome boy. Love you~~
Travis is into blabbering very much now. He has learnt to say more words, but his favourite words still remain at go, fly, five. haha. Today he learnt how to say cold when I took his favourite cheese spread out, and the moment he touched the bottle, he said cold. well, i think he definitely knows much more then we know, just that he doesn't want to show it to us. PROUD ma. Lately, he's getting more cheessssy. he just cannot be satisfied with one cube of laughing cow cheese. Keeps dragging anyone to open the fridge so he could SEARCH for the cheese. HAHAHA.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Random post.

Going to be a random post with the 2 kids. :) Loads of pictures so bear with me . ahaha Been a while since i uploaded or updated anything. haha!!

Loads of feasting over the wkend with Fathers day and my mom's bday celebration. WAHhahaha. :)

First up, Trishelle. Noticed I haven't taken any photos of her ever since she started sitting in her car seat!
How it looks like in the car. sOOOO crammppppeddd! we need a 7seater! no money ley..

Somemore of her, she loooves the new light toy her dad bought in HK. of course. that was actually meant for travis.. poor girl. daddy got u nothing. haha!And here is the monster. :) So yaya in his king's throne. Can't wait to sit on it each time - which means gg out time! haha!Some of his bath time shots... :) He dreads gg to bath these days but when he's inside, he refuses to get out!! infuriating.

Time flies. Next wk's monday will be a different start for both me and travis. HOpe we'll both get used to the change!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rocket fun!

Travis is a big fan of rockets. Maybe it's barney that helped us discover he loooves rockets. he loves the countdown : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... blast off!! and it's always accompanied by the hand gestures of flying...

ok so jeff n i thought to bring him to science centre *THE SHOP ONLY* to search for some rocket toys *the one we bought for him previously was too heavy for him to carry around* and we found some!! or rather, we bought him a rocket pen with lights and also this water rocket toy that can actually be propelled!

See pampered the boy is!

Haha ok, those scenes where u see him running about is me playing paper aeroplanes with him cause jeff is trying to get the rocket to work and we need some form of distraction for travis. AND BOY, it was HOT HOT HOT!

Trishelle, you're asking? she's zzz at home when we went downstairs to play.

I love my sister - says Travis.

I truly think so. :) Let the pictures speak for themselves. It is so fun watching them play together (using eye language for trishelle).

Remember I once described that Travis would insist Trishelle to ride with him on his vtech scooter whenever he plays with it? Well, you shall see. :)

He enjoys having her around him. Haha as for trishelle, well, i can't really say for sure if she is enjoying it.
And the best part is he doens't want us to hold onto the scooter when he wants to ride off with trishelle on it!

Here's what happens when he doesn't want to ride anymore.. gets off and push his sister around.


One of his favourite things to do at home now. :)

However, most crayons are already in pieces... muahahahaha...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Late post - travis at botanic gardens

At botanic gardens. Brought there by my parents and my sis. haha definitely not me and jeff! we will melt there!! wahhaha.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A late investment..

Too late? i hope not. haha HAve always wanted a cot mobile. I heard it helps soothe bb to bed! and i must say yes it really does. Couldn't bear to part with the money to invest in one for travis and hehe thanks to my mommy.. yay! trishelle got one! she loves it. can stare at it and buys me some time to do my own stufffffs!

is it too late to invest in one when she is already 3 months old? i hope not eh! haha! this one can be converted to a table top lamp which is super cute. maybe she can use it in future.

In other news.. Travis is SICK! poor boy. he has been having an irritating cough + phlegm and a dripping nose and a NASTY fever! it's been the 3rd day liao, fever still lingers on and off. sighs. if it doesn't get better tmr, we will bring him to doc again.

And.. to pity that poor travis, he got a new toy ROCKET! he's super duper into rockets. he loves rockets. much much more than cars, planes, trains, buses. An astronaut in future? perhaps.