Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zoo + Flyer

Yes.. it was a tiring trip for us and travis last weekend, but he sure enjoyed it! :)

Getting ready... to get on the cab. was raining very heavily in the morning but we decided to go ahead with the 'tourist' plans....
We first went to rendevous for lunch.... He was pretty well behavveeedd, compared to the past times where he just refused to be tamed...

Then... we headed off to the ZOOO!

He was asleeeeep when we got off the cab...
But woke up just in time when we were at the entrance!! HAHA! Here's him and his dad!

And him on the tram drinking milk!!And US!

Then we headed off to the flyer.. where it was night time and he started to misbehave!

So that's all about it... too tiring to upload more photos! hah!