Thursday, February 28, 2008


Travis made progess today. Yesterday he was trying sooo hard to lift up his head. today, he managed to flip over once again! yay!!! he did it once before quite some time ago, but since then he became lazy and relied on our help most of the time. :)

Here's the monster in the playpen! HE KEEPS looking at the tortoise only!!! wa ....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

travis learnt how to scream yesterday..

Travis learnt how to scream yesterday!

Still doesn't know how to flip over on his own yet but i'm sure he will SOOOON!

Feeding him these days is a torture. Seems to take SO long to finish 1 bottle of milk! OMG! Sometimes he takes up to 160mL but yet, other times, only 100mL. Boy.

Here's the head.. how the balding head looks like from the back ahaha! not very clear cause he keeps moving up and down, left n right!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Meeting up!

Today was the first time Travis met up with his fellow november mates. :) Who knows? Future girlfriendsss for Travis? hehee.

Meet Ashlyn - Soooo cute!! 7 days older than Travis, she's sooo adorable and sooo lovable. Smiles at every simple gesture and doesn't need to NAP at all during the whole outing (except during the very end..)

wells, here's Girlfriend to be number 2!!! Mischa! Mischa is 4 days younger than travis. I just looove her chubby cheeks! Another super adorable girl who has eating and sleeping habits similar to Travis's. Aren't you just envious of that lush thick hair? Travis's balding do just pales in comparison. Oops.

And finally. Both the little girls had their mommies carrying them comfortably in their baby bjorn carrier. Are you wondering I managed travis? Of course, i didn't carry him totally ALL the way! muahhahaha!!

He doesn't look tooooo happy to be sitting in a pink stroller with Pink furry rabbits around him eh! hahaha.
Today was the very first time I managed Travis all on my own. Thanks to the encouragement of Sally and Grace, I am glad I did it. Everyone's got a first time for everything!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Updates on Travis.

Its close to a month since i last update this blog, work has not allow me to do this as often as I would wanted too. Still Cindy is not slacking, pictures are still taken ... I guess he prefer walking to Crawling.. but sorry Son. One step at a time.

Nope.. we are not hoping you will be a Shampoo boy.. so please keep that saliva of yours back in your month.. Don't wet my head..

He seems to be enjoying the ride..

Again looking contented on his tummy.. Still he doesn't crawl.. when will he made his first move (inch forward) Though we know that is the time when troubles start to brew.

After reading that parents on the web are starting to teach their Child, ABC.. even before they could recognise their parents' face. Cindy seriously id worried about Travis being left behind.
Under peer pressure, We got him get his very first and own Flash Cards.
I am sure he has no idea what's flashed in front of him. Nonetheless who would have know..
Why do we have to do this to them? Children nowadays don't have childhood anymore. Haven't we read enough about deprive childhood can has serious repercussion. Michael Jackson is a living proof, Britney spears has not been spared in fact she has taken over MJ position in the tabloid..
I really wish I don't have to put this pressure on Travis.
But Cindy SMS me while I was at work one day.
Hey, Hon think we need to get Travis some flash cards, 9 of 10 parents has bought their babies Flash cards, and we are happened to be the 1 without."
I almost freaked out.. Then I realise.. Yes I am living in Singapore. And Travis being a Nov babies has lots to catch up..
And the education system starts streaming our kids so young. I am seriously thinking of sending elsewhere for education.

See he is much happier without those Cards infront of him

And he has his eyes set on the camera lens.

Travis on his Throne.

Tuck in bed..
Hey what you looking at, can't I have my own privacy on my own bed?

What? I dont even have my clothes on yet!! Get that camera out of my face..

Man... We even have ABC on the activity mat. But who don't