Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something that belonged to Travis Previously...

He seemed to miss wearing it.. or should i say, seemed to miss being IN IT. Here, Travis and the swaddling wrap episode. We left it on the bed, to wrap Trishelle in it before we went out and he just took it, dragged it along, EVERYWHERE in the house.

Then jeff asked him: U want to wear huh? He nodded his head profusely, so this is it.
Haha, he was REALLY satisfied then~ And when the hood dropped off, he tried to put it back on himself.

And NO, he didn't WANT ANY HELP.
Finally, haha we managed to q uickly put it back on him, Here he is - GLUED to the TV.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out alone with Trishelle.

Last sunday, we left Travis home, and brought Trishelle to Jurong Pt alone. Well, ask me if i missed Travis - NO hahaa. HEartless eh, but i've truly forgotten how peaceful life could be without him around. Dinner was easy, shopping was fussfree, carrying was light. haha.

Here she is, ALL READY!

And one of me and Trishelle, my first photo taken with her thus far! haha.Unfortunately, peace was shortlived as parentsinlaw brought Travis to come meet us afterward. hehe!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Play time for Trishelle.

HEHe. Though it's not new.. of course, her brother had his go at it when he was younger. :) But she still had loads of fun. you could tell.

Now it seems, it's hard to buy something of her own cause mostly are toys used by Travis, and we bought almost everything for him haha! but we will still try to make an effort to get her HER OWN toys.

And here is one of Travis, he's topnaked, guess what, HE HAS learnt how to take off his top!! hahaha. AMusing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More of Travis and Trishelle - Photos only.

Again, another photos only post. BUsy snapping them both! :)

It has been real tiring taking care of the 2. I wish i was back at work. hheee.

Travis and Trishelle. He loves her. I wonder if she loves him for making so much noise when she is sleeping. Well, she makes A LOT OF NOISES when sleeping too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Photos only post.. Travis

Driving his favourite Vehicle...


Photos only post.. - trishelle.

very backdated... so u can imagine how MUCH time i have to myself haha...