Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Travis is 2!

Happy Birthday to Travis. Yesterday the monster celebrated his second yr bday! Unlike last year where he celebrated his birthday with family members, which I doubt he remembers anything, we've planned something different for him this year.

1) First part of the celebration: In school
2) Second part of the celebration: Sentosa, Underwater world.

I have been scratching my head many times: A normal cake, or a customised cake. Of course, money was the key factor leading to this deliberation but finally, I have decided to get a customised one because there wasn't a big celebration and we wanted something meaningful for him. So a customised cake we got, and of course, it has to be his ultimate, favourite 'thing', a rocket. Thanks to michelle, we engaged aunty yochana, a decision which i never regretted at all. It was between her fondant space cake and 7th manna's space themed cake. We chose the fondant one and boy, i couldn't conceal my smile when I saw the cake. IT was sooo pretty!

Some pictures of the cake and celebration in school. It was a pity that travis was cranky cause he just got up and hasn't warmed up yet, so he was in tears and refused to get down to cut his cake. BUt after that, he was back to his crazy self.
I love this picture of all the kids eagerly waiting! But where's travis? Crying in my arms lohhh.
All wanting to get a piece of the cake!
The main rocket body was the only part we brought home. We wanted travis to have something to see later in the day ahaha. The rest, distributed to everyone. Yummies. The cake, was really GOOD!
All warmed up and ready to feast!
Travis with Ms Lay Cheng. She was the only one who could comfort him, during his initial days of entering school. ahaha.
You could tell, he's really all warmed up and back to his crazy self! ahaha. Showing off everyone his cake!
This is alastair, Travis's best friend in school. The 2 of them could just engage themselves in games and play and ignoring the others! And Alastair is the only one Travis would willingly hug, other than Trishelle. haha. Guess it's because the 2 of them spend the MOST time together, usually till the time I pick Travis up.
Then we headed off, to Vivo, for some lunch at sushi tei, he made a mess, eating ramen. The monster just wants to feed himself these days, so we let him be. Then off to the tram to sentosa!That's all we took! haha ended the day at dolphin lagoon and it was SO SOOOOO Hot!! and immediately after the dolphin show, he knocked out!! must be so tiring!


sportsmaina said...

two wonderful looking kids. Grow them up so they can be the best they can be and keep them safe from the ills of this world enjoy ya kids and show them plenty of love and understanding peace.

jonysant said...

Cute and lovely


Yunli said...

Cindy, your boy is sooo cute! =D

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Ezgi BIYIKOGLU said...

So cute :) I remember the days I worked with children. I miss all my students.
When it comes really hard to take life issues, I try to imagine them and smile.
I wish I will become a mother one day..

love, Ezgi