Friday, October 23, 2009

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October has been a real real real busy month. We had bro-in-laws wedding, which we went for a hotel stay, followed by a LONG period of illness for both Travis and trishelle. The much dreaded stomach flu attack. Travis was so badly hit that he's become SOooo skinny now. And trishelle, that poor girl, she also vomitted and diarrhoea-ed so much! Work has been so busy too. so much to do with the students, I am SO GLAD I am not a smart student, or rather, maybe I am so glad I was a student in the past! Their committments are SO full these days!

Nevertheless, all is well now with the 2 of them, all fully recovered to wreak havoc!

Here's some newsletter updates: still on the topic of trains.Travis is better at verbalising his thoughts now, though still very much talking in his own language, but he could surprise us with things that we never thought he knew. He could tell us that rocket is a spaceship. He really absolutely loves rockets to bits. A future astronaut? haha. He will request to draw, paint a rocket on his hand, on the drawing paper or even look for rocket toys. He could actually fill in missing letters of the ABC song when we stop and pause. He could also count from 1 to 10 in both mandarin and english. Although all these may seem a little slow for him to achieve at this stage, he still surprised us. :)

I love the way he counts in mandarin. Hilarious. Jeff says sounds like Ang-mo. haha!

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