Friday, October 23, 2009

Travis the menace

As the name implies. He's reaching the very hard to be controlled stage where he just flares up if he doesn't get what he wants. he hits us, rolls on the floor, screams and shouts. we try not to show him the cane and try to reason out with him but the latter doesn't really work when he's still very worked up. Sigh.

Photos taken after the hotel stay. We had a family tshirt printed but didn't manage to get a good picture to show. haha next time! :)


Kiros & Kicia said...

glad that travis and trishelle are well. travis seemed to hve lost some weight.

much effort used to 'pump' up the kids' weight, but it's easily blown away when virus attack them.

Arcee said...

Brenda:: YA LOH!! now i am very wowrried ah, cause he hasn't taken the MMR yet and he'll be 2 next tues! don't want to bring him to take this wk cause he might dev fever and he'll be so sad if he got fever on his bday. Sighs. So might bring him after his bday loh. if anything, hope get well before HK trip. hehe. You gg to let them take flu vaccine before the trip ma? hehe got any itinery? hehe I haven't planned mine.. haha if u have and can share with me for reference, tell me hor! haha!

Kiros & Kicia said...

Yo! i think you had made the right choice to take mmr after his 2nd birthday! that's what the clinic suggested for kiros and kicia for their chicken pox and pneumococal.
am thinking if i shld be bringing them for flu vaccines prior to the trip. know how much i hate vaccines and trying to avoid them going thru if possible. if anything will hve to do it soon as i dont want them to develop fever prior to departure. but the thing is they have just recovered from fever.. sigh sigh sigh.
itinery ah! you mean what time to what time at what location? actually ours are pretty straight forward as we will arrive in evening (and a day is gone). we will be at disneyland for 3 nights. which means disney play for 2 days. (heard that there's shopping a MTR station away from disneyland)
my friend told me to plan disneyland itinery well so as to make the day to its fullest.
next 2 days will be shopping at mongkok as we will be putting up at a hotel there.

Arcee said...

really! anyway i want to bring him take now also cannot loh, cause he's having some cough! haha. jialat hor. I also thinking of letting them take the flu jab but really, MMR followed by flu i don't know if travis can take it or not. AIYA!! howhow. if no take flu vaccine, can or not?

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